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  1. Pug blog (going too far?)

    General Dog Forum
    As a lot of people on this forum know, I write a blog about my pug, Bunk, and enjoy sharing his stories with my friends, family member, and dog lovers around the internet. My favorite posts to write are the misadventures of Bunk, written entirely from his perspective. However, my girlfriend and...
  2. Bunk finds himself in his crate

    General Dog Forum
    Hey everyone! Just wanted to share with you a little creative writing. I write a blog from the perspective of my dog, Bunk that I would like to share with everyone. Stuck in the crate Let me know what you think!
  3. Do you have a blog?

    Off Topic
    I'm posting this thread so people can share their blogs, if they have one, here. I did this with another forum that I belong to, it help greatly in reducing people posting "check out my new blog" topics. I have a few blogs myself, uh..well a lot but I'm only gonna post the main 2...