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  1. Severe bleeding after spay surgery

    Dog Health Questions
    Please help !!!! My dog got spayed 2 weeks ago on October 24. She is a 1 year old, 60lb german shepherd and her first and only heat cycle was in July. A few hours after bringing her home from surgery, she started bleeding from her stitches. There was a considerable amount of blood, not just a...
  2. HELP!!!! Any vet please give some advice. Is this a serious problem?

    Dog Health Questions
    I don't know what happens but when I wake up my dog is like this. Is it a serious problem or just some minor problem? Help!!!!
  3. I bled from my puppy's bite. Is it dangerous?

    General Dog Forum
    Yesterday one of my puppies bit me a little too hard and I was surprised so I quickly pulled my hand away. I thought I only got a scratch but it bled a little. It doesn't hurt but it was itchy yesterday and it's a bit red. Two weeks ago I also found blood on my finger while I was carrying them...
  4. My 15 year old dog has a bleeding tumor in her mouth

    Dog Health Questions
    My dog has a tumor in her mouth that has begun bleeding every few days. She has had cancer for more then four years. We had one tumor removed but almost lost her after the surgery, so we don't think its an option anymore. She has many lumps and a big growth on her paw, but up until the last...
  5. Pregnant golden retriever bitten by rattlesnake

    Attention All New Members
    Hi all, have any of you ever had your pregnant dog bitten by a rattlesnake? Mine was bitten at 5 1/2 weeks along. She was given antivenin, pain meds, fluids, blood work, etc. They have no research on the effect all that will have on the puppies. Just before all this an ultrasound showed at...
  6. What is wrong with my dog?

    Dog Health Questions
    I took my dog to the vet, but he hasn't given me any answers yet. She has to stay overnight and possibly longer. She is coughing and vomiting blood, has blood coming out of her nose, has labored breathing with a short-quick hacking sounds, is very lethargic and can barely walk. She won't eat or...
  7. Puppy making her paws blead.

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi, I have a Border Collie puppy (Lilly, almost 5 Months) she is fantastic, Im a first time dog owner and mother of 2. I have a few things Id love advice about but the main one is quite worrying so Ill start there. Every morning I have to leave Lilly on her own for 30mins to take my children to...
  8. Slight bleeding from spay incision

    Dog Health Questions
    Paranoid puppy mom here... I have had my my 8mo old terrier mix for about a month now, and had her spayed on Tuesday (4 days ago)...So far I have followed all the "rules" - she keeps the cone on when I can not directly watch her, I have minimized her activity as much as I can (no running, only a...
  9. Help Teeth Bleeding

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello, Two of my 5 month year old puppys teeth were bleeding slightly i noticed today whilst and after gently playing tug of war. I am concerned as they have never done this before. She has been chewing on bones and wood quite a lot. Is this normal and what can i do? Should i take her to the vets?