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black dog

  1. Meet Zorro, the amazing......Groenendael? Border Collie?

    Dog Pictures Forum
    We rescued Zorro a month ago. We were told he was a border collie mix, or maybe purebred. BUT, while he is the right size and has a bit of a BC face (and one ear), he's solid black, and his tail lacks the fluff and hook shape of a border collie. At the BC forums, they suggested he's a belgian...
  2. Help me figure out if this little guy's breed. Pointer?

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Help me figure out this little guy's breed. Pointer? This little guy was adopted when he was approximately 3-4 mo. The shelter that we adopted him from said that he was a lab-hound mix. (guessing I suppose) but then a few months ago a breeder mentioned that he looked like a pointer. I started...