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black ashton

  1. And the dog says... Meow!

    General Dog Forum
    Funny Smart Dog Meows Smart dog meows like a cat, puts toys away & eats at table like a regular person. A perfect cats meow! Maggie the Black Ashton is well known locally as a loving and special dog.
  2. Shut Up! Shuuut Up! SHUT UP!

    General Dog Forum
    Maggie is my very smart puppy. Alert & smart, Maggie and the guys are playing games that have little to do with dogs, yet Maggie fits right in. Shut Up! Shuuut Up! SHUT UP! Maggie the RCA Victor Victrola Dog Microbus Vinyl Killer playing an LP record with CCR performing Marvin Gay's...
  3. Mad Dog Bad Dog

    General Dog Forum
    Maggie was mute (non-vocal) when I got her. Her first owner beat it out of her. Here she is after I let her know it's okay to be a dog. Mad Dog Bad Dog Bad dog! Maggie dog does tricks for camera. Also trained to be vocal she throws a fit when she can't go outside to go potty. Angered by...
  4. Maggie With Her Pet Hamster

    General Dog Forum
    Hamster Dances for Maggie Training is so easy for this very intelligent dog breed. For more about this rare dog breed search YouTube or Google for "Black Ashton" and other rare dog breeds.
  5. Mad Dog Bad Dog

    General Dog Forum
    Maggie the Black Ashton holds it