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  1. Sand Flies/Ants/Bug Bites

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi there, recently a HUGE amount of dogs are coming into their houses with this on their bellies. https://www.facebook.com/169595503059539/photos/a.341226469229774.87116.169595503059539/781044688581281/?type=1&theater Most of the people with this problem had no idea what it is or where it was...
  2. Fire ants?

    Dog Health Questions
    I live in an apartment complex and was taking my puppy (Henry-5 months-47lbs) for a walk. Typically, his favorite thing to do is take his time circling the complex and randomly stretching out in the shade of one of the trees. Today, he flopped down right in an ant nest. He didn't even notice. I...
  3. Bug bites from my dog? Itchy, help!

    General Dog Forum
    I have been getting lots of bites I think that look like mosquito bites or flea bites while asleep at night. My husban who sleeps in the same bed as me gets none. They range from my feet to legs to stomach to arms. I live with two dogs. This didn't start till summer. My dog I give Comfortis...
  4. My doggie was attacked by red ants

    Dog Health Questions
    My puppy just started going for walks and i discovered there are red ants in the gradd infront of my apartment where she goes. This morning was her 3rd walk she has been on, and i guess they got in her fur and were biting and she got scared :(. We are moving soon, so that is good but for nbow...
  5. Scabby sores...what could that be?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello all. First time here and it is such a valuable site. My 12 year old "baby" Pomeranian has recently developed quite a few (~6) small scabby sores on her body. I first noticed a raised scab on her shoulder, then managed to look at what it is and its a small open sore that is wet and...