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  2. Treats

    General Dog Forum
    I like to have 3-4 different kind of treats available for my boys. From MILKBONE to rawhide chews, I feel as though the variety keeps things from getting boring. I prefer rawhide based treats since all my boys are chihuahua mixes and small breeds are more prone to gum disease. That and as much...
  3. Homemade dog and cat treats

    Dog Food Forum
    Every Christmas I make treats for all of the cats and dogs in my life. I lost the recipe I usually use and can’t find any recipes that specifies it’s safe for both dogs and cats to eat. Do any of you guys have a treat recipe that i can feed to both dogs and cats? Preferable one most like! I...
  4. My Baby Pixel

    Dog Pictures Forum
    This is my little baby, Pixel. Im a computer nerd, so the name 'Pixel' seemed appropriate:p This is something i made a few moments ago of Pixel LOVIN' a McDonald's Junior Burger:-) Figured i could make him his own little ad. This is Pixel being rudely awakened by my 'Hot Biscuit Massage'...