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  1. Looking for good Cavachon Breeder

    General Dog Forum
    Hello, can anyone time me if they have purchased from Cavachon By Design, Cavachon frm the Monarchy and Foxglove Cavachon? Plus, can you recommend a good Cavahon breeder?
  2. Hey! Need help with dog with SEVERE allergies.

    Attention All New Members
    Since I have to post on here before I can post anywhere else, I figured I might as well ask while I can and start the conversation going. I have a Bichon Frise. When we first bought him about 13 years ago he would always have a problem going outside, on the grass. We found out that he had an...
  3. Hi, New to thread and New to dogs!

    Attention All New Members
    Hi, :wave: I just adopted my very first dog last Saturday! I've never had a pet before and am very excited for her to come home this weekend. She's a Maltichon (Maltese and Bichon Frise Mix) She's 10 weeks old and less than 2 lbs and will be 10 lbs max. Since I am new to all this, I will have...
  4. What type of Bichon is my dog?

    General Dog Forum
    We recently got a 8 month old dog that the owner said was a Maltese. The tail does stay down and fairly straight with a small curve to it. Shes on the better side of 7-8 months and is a real eater.. = human food a lot and is 12.8 stout pounds. Here are a couple pictures, and link to a couple...
  5. Butters Housebreaking Escapades continue!

    Dog Training Forum
    So I finally elicited the help of a Dog Behaviourist in the area, and she suggested over the phone that Butters may be having accidents due to anxiety. Contrary to popular belief she said, a dog exhibits the anxiety after about 15 minutes when the owner leaves the home, not necessarily...
  6. New to the doggy world and doggy forums!

    Attention All New Members
    Hi everyone! My name is Michelle, I am 20 years old and I live with my partner in Whangarei, New Zealand. I grew up on my parents dairy farm where we had working dogs but I never really spent a lot of time with them looking back now as horses have always been my main interest. While I do own...
  7. Help! I dont know what my puppy is!

    General Dog Forum
    Ok, so I attached pictures of my 3 month old puppy Stella, Stella is very energetic and could literally run for hours. She was listed as a bichapoo, but does not resemble one at all. Her hair is completely strait, her tail is always curled, and her ears are pointy & up. On the farm we went to...
  8. Need help finding a reputable Bichon breeder!

    General Dog Forum
    I am looking for a reputable breeder of small Bichons and Bichon-poos. I have done a lot of research online, but have found no breeders close enough to visit. Well, I have found two within a day's drive, but both have definite "puppymill" red flags, so I have decided against them. I know all of...
  9. Bichon Bladder Stones - Surgery vs. No Surgery??

    Dog Health Questions
    Hey everyone, my 11 year old Bichon, Lexie has been feeling under the weather for a few days. She started by having diarrhea, then the next day ate a little of her food, then threw it up.. drank water.. next day, didn't eat at all, continued to throw up yellow bile and foam.. Following day we...
  10. Lost Dog in Pasadena -- PLEASE HELP!

    General Dog Forum
    On Christmas Eve, my dog, a white and tan cavalier king charles/bichon frise mix, went missing. It was last seen being carried by a 30-year-old Asian woman on La Loma near Tamarac Dr. and Redwood. PLEASE help! My husband and I have posted signs, contacted all shelters, etc. but she's nowhere...
  11. My Bichon Just Loves Dogs on YouTube

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Here she's listening to the famous dog as it talks dog instead of humanspeak. Hope you like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHu11exhnLw
  12. Introducing Rhiannon

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Here's Rhiannon, our almost 5 month old Bichon Frise. She's definitely a sweetheart, but has her own personality for sure.
  13. Trying to decide between small breeds

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    My husband and I want to get a dog and have these requirements: Smaller size for ease of management and transportation (up to 35 lbs) Very low maintenance coat and minimal shedding Quick learner but not devious - I'd like to do some advanced tricks Mellow, calm, quiet energy - not hyper and...