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  1. Berney's haircut before and after pictures.

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Today my mini schnauzer Berney got a hair cut. Here are some before pictures. - *Before* He was playing in the backyard with Sam. - *Before* He was chilaxin' on the wooden toy in the backyard. - A before close up pic on his face. - A before when he is on the wooden toy. After pics in...
  2. Can someone make me a picture thingy?

    Suggestions / Feedback
    Like the one "I_love_my_poopers" has? I want pictures with mostly their faces and names AND nicknames in () any design is fine Here are the pictures - Pickle - (Pix) - Samantha (Sam) - Charlie (Kitty) - Brainard (Berney) Read the post below this to see the picture of Frodo.