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belly band

  1. belly band falling apart: any ideas on no-sew velcro/snaps etc.?

    General Dog Forum
    I don't know about other users, but these velcro belly bands are driving me nuts. I bought one from Unlisted for $20about 10 days ago, and the velcro already is shredding and not adhering. I used a YouTube tutorial to clean it off, but still, nada. Does anyone have any easy ideas on how to...
  2. belly band instead of crate for potty training adult dog not completely trained?

    Dog Training Forum
    My 1 1/2 yr old male dog was totally housetrained, but I made the very bad mistake when my dog had struvite crystals and was on the O/S diet and needed a ton of water. She said that, for a few days, I should let him have water all the time, night included. Not surprisingly, he started peeing in...
  3. Cayenne/vinegar spray as deterrent for indoor peeing?

    Dog Training Forum
    My previously housebroken 1 1/2 yr old dog was "unbroken" when he had a UTI and the vet suggested that, because he needed max water to break up struvite crystals, I let him have water all night for three or four days (rather than putting it away after 8p, as I had previously). Understandably, he...
  4. Belly bands discourage peeing inside the house??

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello again! Doing some more research for my pom, Meeko, who is finally getting neutered today, and then coming home with me once he has recovered from the surgery! So, Meeko has been used as a stud dog at a mill.... which means that he is, at the moment, unneutered, and has never lived in a...