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belgian malinois

  1. Unsure about new doggos

    General Dog Forum
    So recently my family and I have been searching for family dogs and we decided we wanted two puppies. I've owned a GSD mix and a Lab as a child but it has been so long I'm afraid my judgement for suitable breeds may be rusty. We looked at a litter of Belgian Malinois puppies today and we were...
  2. Belgian malinois + lab mix OR German shepherd + lab mix ????

    General Dog Forum
    Hi, ive bin wondering what breed my dog is, i didnt have the privilege of meeting her parents when i got her but her papers said she was a shepherd lab mix but she really looks like a belgian malinois mix , just the way her body is shaped and her markings. What do you guys think?? ide like some...
  3. Could my rescue pup be part Belgian Malinois?

    General Dog Forum
    Hey everyone! I posted here a little while back about my puppy, Brinkley, when we adopted him at 6 months and were having problems with his biting. He was bruising my whole family, charging at us, and generally being a holy terror. Since then, he has been to obedience training and has settled...
  4. Belgian malinois discussion thread

    General Dog Forum
    I am new here, so if this topic does not belong in this section and/or this topic is already existing. Moderators/Admins may close this. Thank you This thread serves as a discussion thread for BELGIAN MALINOIS BREED ONLY. Any inputs, ideas, questions, pictures, problems, experiences that you...
  5. Malinois Thread

    General Dog Forum
    This thread is for any admirers and owners of the dog breed near and dear to my heart, the Belgian Malinois. I have one at home that stays with my parents while I'm deployed. His name is Ninja and he's sixteen months old. We got him as a puppy from Gatorland K9, a small-ish breeding program run...