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behaviour issue

  1. Please help!

    Attention All New Members
    I am living a nightmare! I have a1.5 year old male goldendoodle. He is acting so strange! We have gone to the vet and there doesnt seem to be any medical reasons to his strange behavious, so I was wondering if anybody knows anything about this. Basically we have a backyard which he goes to...
  2. Dog Unhappy in her pen

    General Dog Forum
    Hi, it's been a long time since I last wrote, I hope someone may have suggestions to solve this problem. Vilya is my 16 month old border collie mix (or at least we think she is). As a puppy, she was never very fond of the crate, even though I went through all the suggestions to make her like...
  3. ~Slight Emergency With Two New Great Danes Having Agression With Our Cats~

    Dog Training Forum
    So, to start off we recently adopted(about 4 days ago) two Great Danes(came as a pair) who are approximately 3 and 4 years old. One is male-Zeus, the other female-Mila. We already have two other dogs-one male and one female who we have had since they were puppies. We also have cats at home, all...
  4. Puppies Eating Poop

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello all! I have two 5 month old Papillon puppies that have a bad habit of eating their own poop. The vet recommended For-bid which we used for a week but it doesn't seem to have helped. They are still doing it. She also recommended picking up the poop immediately after they do it, but this is...