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  1. Puppy acting scared at bedtime

    General Dog Forum
    Our 10 month old lab mix recently started hiding under the endtable by our couch when it is time for bed. She sleeps in our room with us and has since she was a puppy. She will be cuddling with us on the couch and when we get up to take her out before bed she runs under the endtable and won't...
  2. older dog with sudden bedtime behavior change

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi, Everyone -- We've got a 12(ish)-year-old dog who we've had for three years now. She's always been excited to get into her bed (which we keep at the foot of our bed) when we were going to sleep and used to only be interested in getting in bed once every few months when there was a...
  3. Will my puppy be confused about its bed?

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi folk. New to the forum - I recently got a 8 week old puppy, (whippet) had him for 5 days now and he is 9 week.. He is settling in nicely through the day and doesnt have an issue with day time.. He has not been alone in the day yet since we have had him because their is enough in the house...