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  1. By beautiful pup Shiloh

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    Here is a picture of my pup don't think I've showed you guys one what do you think think she looks more husky or more Northen Inuit? http://imgur.com/SJEYjn2 Can't post pictures on this keep shutting down my browser on my phone.
  2. More of Rayden( Dogo Argentino)

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    1st day in the States Young Rayden One of my favorites Rayden/his dad (Morocho) a very famous Dogo Can't believe this is the same dog Is that a pig or a dog! Lol Backseat rider In the blinds He is minding my business Lizard hunter(finally seeing his muscles)

    Attention All New Members
    I promise my puppy will bring a smile to your face! :wave: