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  1. Cleaning without bathing

    Dog Grooming Forum
    What’s the best way to clean a dog when you aren’t able to give it a bath? I just picked up a foster pup from the shelter and she is VERY scared of everything. She cowers in the corner shaking and won’t move. She is quite dirty and smelly but I don’t want to traumatize her by trying to give a...
  2. How clean you be?

    Dog Grooming Forum
    Edit: I just noticed I forgot the word "can" from the title. Oops. I actually don't have a dog (yet), but was thinking about it in the future. One (of the many, many) things I was wondering about is cleanliness. Most of the time, when I go to pet a friend or family member's dog, I feel like the...
  3. What is TOO much Chlorine?

    General Dog Forum
    Hello, I'm looking for advice about my 1 year old Border Collie/Black Lab Mix. She LOVES swimming - will hop into the pool every chance she gets. Which is basically everyday a few times a day. My issue - the chlorine. Is it okay that she swims every day in it? The Vet has told us that her...
  4. Frequent Doodle bathing...

    Dog Grooming Forum
    You may notice this looks really similar to a post I left on the Attention All Members section... its the same question but now that I can post here I've removed it form there. Hi :wave: I'm Sabrina, and we own a 4 month old sheepadoodle (Kayla) and I have a question about bath time.... How do...
  5. Help a novice out, would ya?

    General Dog Forum
    How often are you supposed to give a dog a bath? My friend was horrified to learn that we bathe Bailey about once every week-2 weeks. She'd be so smelly otherwise! My friend said that it's really bad for their skin and they'll star itching, etc. Is that right? Also - we're feeding her Blue...
  6. Nervous of Bathing

    Dog Grooming Forum
    My dog is a Rottweiler/Bulldog/Bloodhound/Mastiff Mix, 1 year old, and still growing. He's terrified of baths, and while it's not a 'dangerous' situation, it does leave me more of a mess to clean up. I would usually try to promote it with encouragement, but Gonzo doesn't respond to treats - he...
  7. Drying--towel or blow dry?

    Dog Grooming Forum
    I visited two different groomers the other day to talk to them about Tweed's coat. It's going to have to have good care, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wouldn't cost as much as I had been led to believe. Anyway...one shop said that bathing him once a week was too much, that I'd...
  8. Dog owner to-be grooming questions

    Dog Grooming Forum
    Hello. Our family is considering getting a coton de tulear dog. Because they are so fluffy (and usually white) they require more grooming. I have a few questions. How do you trim a coton de tulear? When do you introduce him to bathing? When do you introduce him to brushing? Nail clipping? Fur...
  9. When to start grooming?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Our family is considering getting a coton de tulear. Because these dogs are just so puffy (and usually white) they need regular brushing and baths more often than other dogs. When do we first start brushing and bathing it? I know you have to make it into a positive experience, with treats and...
  10. Husky hate bathing!!!

    General Dog Forum
    My friend has a 4 months old husky named Grace. When they come back home from the back yard, Grace is muddy and smelly. And giving Grace a bath is really a challenge. My friend told me that Grace would shout and bite as she turned on the shower. The bathroom became a battle field. :frusty: Who...
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  12. Skin conditioner

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Our vet mentioned we might want to consider using a skin conditioner after bathing our shar pei mix. Didn't know there was such a thing! I assume it's helpful to keep dandruff at a minimum. What types are there? What sort of results have y'all had using them? Thanks!
  13. Prima Bathing System

    Dog Grooming Forum
    Has anyone used this system you are supposed to be able to wash up to 40 dogs on less than 14 gallons of water and a cup of shampoo. I saw it on the TV show The Lazy Enviromentalist and you dont have to hook it up to a water supply system either. http://www.primabathing.com/
  14. Washing too much?

    Dog Grooming Forum
    We have a small 1/2 Jack Russell, 1/2 Chihuahua with very short, brown hair. I give him a bath about once a week, even though he doesn't smell or have fleas. I just figure it's good to keep him clean. My neighbor told me that it might be too much, and that the soap can harm his skin. Any...