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  2. Question about bathing Labrador Retrievers

    Dog Grooming Forum
    Though my Tessa is a mix, her coat is pretty much the short stuff of black Labs. I've read some folks say they never bathe their Labs, and others that they do it rarely. Tessa is mostly an outdoor dog, so I'm thinking a monthly to bi-monthly schedule may be required. Already after two weeks with...
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  5. Bath pictures!

    Dog Pictures Forum
    The forums are apparently lacking a bath picture thread (apologies if there already is one, I did a search and couldn't find one), which is unacceptable. Bath pictures are the best pictures. Post yours! Here are Luna's: Bath derps! Post-bath puffiness: And post-bath zoomies!
  6. This was the second time i bathed my dog, WET WET WET

    Dog Grooming Forum
    He now likes being bathed, but i think this is funny to watch, but he loves it now, i managed to calm him down :)
  7. BC Grooming

    Dog Grooming Forum
    I have a Border Collie with medium coat. How can I get her to be more fluffy? Is there a certain kind of shampoo that is good for this? Thanks, Ashley
  8. Woooof wooof bark bark wag wag

    Attention All New Members
    Greetings, My name is Sam and our dog is Roux. (pronounced Roo). It is the only human word he knows how to say. He's a miniature black lab... ok I jest. He's a JackRussel/Whippet/Poodle cross. He's super cute and here's his picture. That's him taking a bath. Smoke break
  9. Beautiful puppy in the bath

    General Dog Forum
    http://gb.yeeti.com/23222 gorgeous pup. Anyone know what kind it is? at first i thought it was a Doberman because of the eyebrow markings but then i looked at the ears and they aren't right. Beautiful though, and lovely eyes
  10. Lucifer strikes again....

    General Dog Forum
    We went down to the beach for a quick run and Lucifer found a dead fish and ROLLED IN IT !!! He thought he hit the doggy jackpot. I almost had to make him run along side the car to get home. I gave him a bath and doused him in lemon juice ( works for fishy hands ??) and now he is pouting...
  11. I think my 11 MO Lab might have a cold...?

    Dog Health Questions
    I went out of town for a week and came home yesterday to find what I can basically describe as a horrific situation. The pet sitter I had hired had needed to leave earlier in the morning (about 7) and so I hired a neighbor to look after my guide dog in training and my other two dogs for the...
  12. Drying--towel or blow dry?

    Dog Grooming Forum
    I visited two different groomers the other day to talk to them about Tweed's coat. It's going to have to have good care, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wouldn't cost as much as I had been led to believe. Anyway...one shop said that bathing him once a week was too much, that I'd...
  13. When to start grooming?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Our family is considering getting a coton de tulear. Because these dogs are just so puffy (and usually white) they need regular brushing and baths more often than other dogs. When do we first start brushing and bathing it? I know you have to make it into a positive experience, with treats and...
  14. Husky puppy hate bathing!!!

    Community Help
    My friend has a 4 months old husky named Grace. When they come back home from the back yard, Grace is muddy and smelly. And giving Grace a bath is really a challenge. My friend told me that Grace would shout and bite as she turned on the shower. The bathroom became a battle field. :frusty:Who...
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  16. Hannah Takes a Bath

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Hannah takes a bath after meeting up with her cavalier king charles spaniel friends in Manhattan.