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  1. How big will my dachshund mix be?

    General Dog Forum
    What is my dachshund puppy mixed with? (Pics) Hi, I recently rescued a dachshund/mix puppy. She is estimated to be 11weeks old today. I saw a photo of her mom who was a full blooded dachshund and weighed about 9 lbs. my puppy is cream colored with black ears and tail. She is smooth haired but...
  2. Trouble with West Highland White Terrier

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    My husband and I rescued a 5 year old female Westie about 3 months ago.An elderly couple had her from 6 weeks old and the wife got ill and the husband couldn't take care of the pet and the wife.So their Son and daughter-in-law took her.They live out in the country and she used to chase...