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  1. Dog barks when leaving room

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi, We have a 4 year old Cockapoo (Cooper) who is for the most part a very happy and calm dog. He rarely barks at others when we are on walks and almost never when encountering other dogs. However, for quite some time now he barks very loudly when I get up to leave the room if my wife is also...
  2. Sheltie going crazy in crate.

    Dog Training Forum
    Every night and every morning my Sheltie, Chloe, seems to think its a fun idea to start bouncing around in her crate, scratching at the door, and barking. She does this every time my husband gets out of bed and leaves the room, or comes into the bedroom at night. She does this whether or not I'm...
  3. Puppy yaps/barks on music..

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Every time I play Zoo Story on Ipad he wakes up and barks/yaps and would like to get out of his bed. Then as I place the Ipad and my dog on the floor, he walks around it. Licks on the speaker of the Ipad. But I also pick him up when he licks the speaker. He also pee whenever he hears that music...
  4. Dog suddenly started barking at people!

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello, My dog has suddenly started randomly barking at people on the street whenever we are out for a walk. Male, female, moving, standing still, it doesn't matter. This has to stop because he is beginning to frighten people. He does not show any aggression to either people or dogs but his...