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  1. Friend's dog hates her!

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello, all, My friend, Kaylee, has been raising an 8 month old Bishon since he was a few weeks old. She has been his main caretaker and trainer, but he is beginning to get out of control! He is obedient to everyone else in the house, but barks at my friend and is starting to bite her quite...
  2. Can I keep my dog quiet?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Good evening, I recently bought a house on 1/3 acre with a fenced backyard and plan to adopt a dog (leaning hard towards foxhound breeds) in the near future. A little preface. The neighbors on either side of me have two dogs apiece. They bark whenever I am outside on my property, next door to...
  3. Barking at everyone they see now...Help

    General Dog Forum
    Sorry for writing a novel but needed to paint a clear picture Our poodle is currently 13 months old and our Jack Russell Mix is 9 months old Okay it seems whenever we walk out our door (we live in an apartment) and the dogs see someone in the breezeway or walking by our poodle starts barking a...