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barking shock collar

  1. Bark Collars for small dogs

    General Dog Forum
    Does anyone have a recommendation on a collar for my 5 lb chorkie? We don't want to use it but we will have a new baby soon and I don't want her barking to wake the baby! Almost all of the collars I've seen give a range of at least 8 pounds. Would one of those on low be safe for her? Is there a...
  2. Schnauzer Puppy Freezes with Spray Collar - Not the intended effect!

    Dog Training Forum
    Henry is an 8 month old mini schnauzer who has always been an anxious, nervous wreck. With patience, encouragement and treats it's been amazing how far he has come. To give one example, walking on a leash was a terrifying experience before - large, loud vehicles, people, birds, leaves blowing in...
  3. Neighbor hates my barking dogs. HELP!

    Dog Training Forum
    I'm not sure what to do about my dogs. I have 3 mutts, one big and two small dogs(min-pin, dachshund). The small dogs are only about 7mo old. This was a smaller problem with the one big dog, but unfortunately the two puppies picked up this bad habit. They spend a lot of time inside, but when...
  4. Barking Problem

    General Dog Forum
    My Labrador has an issue with barking while my wife and I are at work. When we are home and we catch her barking we will do anything from shake a can with coins to call her inside. These methods have proven affective while we're home, but while we're away, sometimes ALL day we can't stop her...