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barking problems

  1. Issues with strangers at the door/in the home

    General Dog Forum
    I have a year and 4 month old female Pit Bull that I rescued. She suffers with anxiety, especially separation, but all around is an extremely sweet and friendly girl. The only issue I've always had with her, is when unfamiliar people come to the door and inside our home. She barks and growls and...
  2. New Member searching for some help & advice for my mum & her dog regards his barking

    Attention All New Members
    New Member searching for some help & advice for my mum & her dog regards his barking Hi, I'm writing concerning my mums dog, Buster. He is a 7 1/2 yr old Havenese cross. He has always had barking issues since she got him as a pup. She hadn't known until collecting him from his original home...
  3. Change in my dogs behavior

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    My dog Lucy is almost 11 months old, I got her when she was 2 months old, she has always been quiet and even though she had her hyper moments they weren't all that bad compared to other dogs I have been around. She is very calm when it is just me and her, she has never been negative towards me...
  4. Potty Training Issues

    Dog Training Forum
    Here recently my puppy has put it in his mind that inside is for potty and outside is for play and nothing but. I had him pretty well potty trained and trained on biting and barking until I started working and my fiance started taking care of him. Everything I've done has gone down the drain and...
  5. White GSD/Yellow Lab Cross - Barking Problems?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi! I have a 7.5 month old white german shepherd / yellow lab mix named Bran, who has developed the odd habit of barking - at very specific men. He's extremely well trained and very smart, I practice control and leadership with him all the time, and correct any unwanted behaviours as they arise...
  6. Raising 2 Littermates - Barking

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello, I have two fifteen-week-old Scottish terrier brothers. I know many people don't like the idea of raising two litter mates, but my husband and I are very committed to socializing them well and bonding them with us instead of each other. We are a military family and are currently...
  7. Schnauzer Puppy Freezes with Spray Collar - Not the intended effect!

    Dog Training Forum
    Henry is an 8 month old mini schnauzer who has always been an anxious, nervous wreck. With patience, encouragement and treats it's been amazing how far he has come. To give one example, walking on a leash was a terrifying experience before - large, loud vehicles, people, birds, leaves blowing in...