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barking help

  1. Sudden barking problem

    Dog Training Forum
    I have an active, well-behaved three year old springer spaniel. Almost daily for the past year, I take him in my SUV to a local coffee shop with me, which he loves to do. He's always sat quietly in the vehicle while I go in to get coffee. He knows the routine well. Can see me inside the store...
  2. Suggestions on how to train "Quiet" or "Shhh" to a dog.

    Dog Training Forum
    I was gonna google something like, "How to stop a dog from barking." However when I googled puppy training ebooks for my Kindle I came across a terrible book by a guy who breeds German Shepherds that was a Puppy Q & A. One of the techniques he said to do to stop a puppy from biting had me...