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  1. Puppy barking!!

    Dog Training Forum
    Help, my 10 week old lab mix just started barking at everything! He'll bark at anything new, and at me if I try and tell him not to do something. I tried to teach him quiet, and then to speak, but it's only gotten worse. Today I've tried putting him in his crate when he does it, but I don't...
  2. Puppy barks in crate at night

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi all, My wife and I are in a bit of a crisis situation right now. We got a 5 month old labradoodle puppy on Saturday, and are having some trouble getting him to sleep at night. We put him in a crate (which is plenty big - almost double his size) in our room where he can see us, and he just...
  3. To whoever said that Chihuahuas were yippy dogs... they never owned a Chihuahua.

    General Dog Forum
    I have three and let me tell you they all have "barks". Especially Gizmo O_o I mean... I never knew such a little dog could bark so loud lol They all have different barks too, which is cool lol Kodi has a "Bow wow" Taz has a "Arf" and Gizmo has a very definitive "BARK" XD Those three never...
  4. Dog suddenly started barking at people!

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello, My dog has suddenly started randomly barking at people on the street whenever we are out for a walk. Male, female, moving, standing still, it doesn't matter. This has to stop because he is beginning to frighten people. He does not show any aggression to either people or dogs but his...
  5. Ahhh.. Thunder but he's not afraid

    General Dog Forum
    My wonderful quirky little guy - ok 40 lb little guy. Barks like a mad dog at thunder. It's like he thinks it's a threat or something. There is NO soothing him or distracting him with training excercise. He just stands there and BARK BARK BARK! any suggestions? - no drugs please :) thanks!
  6. HELP! Housesitting and this dog hates me!

    General Dog Forum
    Hi everyone, I'm new here, I love dogs and have always wanted one but can't have one (because of my living situation). I'm currently housesitting for a family which got s rescue chihuahua/terrier mix about 6 months ago. This dog is TERRIFIED of me! He shakes very strong whenever I'm in the room...
  7. Cute Puppy (turn up volume)

    General Dog Forum
    Hey everyone! This is my first post so just wanted to say that before I begin. :) I hope this is the correct category for this. I thought about putting it in the pictures but its a video not pictures. You will probably get a laugh out of this video so check it out. :D
  8. Weak Bark & Horfing Sound

    Dog Health Questions
    My dog has begun to have a weak bark as of a few months ago as if she is hoarse. She used to have such a powerful, intimidating bark (if you didn't know her). She also makes this kind of horf noise every now and then...almost like she's coughing up a furrball. We cannot figure out what is...
  9. First time dog owner, need some tips.

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi guys, I just adopted a miniature schnauzer and it's all black. He's about 8 and a half weeks old and is really cute and we named him Joey. Anyway I have some problems with it that I thought you guys would be able to help me with. When I try to teach him not to bite, he gets really mad...