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  1. First owner - Need Advice for very young Puppy.

    Dog Food Forum
    Hi, I'm a first time puppy/dog owner and unfortunately it was quite unexpected ( dad got her from family friend ). Im ignorant when it comes to dogs because I never had one so I've become a keen learner so I can raise her right. My puppy is name Misty, she's now 7 weeks old (I understand she...
  2. Kibble with high meat percentage - any risks and disadvantages?

    Dog Food Forum
    I have been trying to fix my dog's cronic colitis by, amongst other things, changing her kibble. After trying out 2 or 3 brands, a friend whose dog had the same problems with mine (same age, same breeder) recommended Carni Love, a Czech manufacturer's kibble which contains about 70% meat, some...
  3. Sources for raw feeding in Arizona

    Dog Food Forum
    I've hit up local butchers and stores, but haven't found anywhere that will sell me supplies at a reasonable price. Though I read all over that it's supposedly easy to find very inexpensive raw material for dogs, the best I was able to find was around $8/day for each dog. This was based on the...
  4. Trying to start prey model diet for my pom

    Dog Food Forum
    My cats eat ground raw food that I buy from the store I work at. It's all locally sourced meat that has been ground by the owner herself (70% muscle meat, 10% bone, 10% heart, 10% liver), and I want to keep them on this because one of my cats has lower urinary tract disease, so it makes it very...
  5. How much $$ to feed your pets??

    Dog Food Forum
    I have two animals. A 20lb calico cat and my 8 month old Shar Pei Gus. The Cat gets Orijen and eats 5.5lbs a month. It costs $25 a month. Gus is on a raw diet. The foundation to that diet is a chicken/organ/bone/vegetable mix that we purchase from our local organic meat co-op. We buy 50lbs at...
  6. SOOOOOO Overwhelmed! What do I feed the dog?!?!

    Dog Food Forum
    So... over a period of time now I've come to the realization that kibble isn't doing it for Valentino (1 1/2 y/o bc/aussie) He's got SERIOUS gas issues and I've switched him slowly to 5 different kibbles since I got him to try and solve the issue. He came to me on a shelter diet, the vet and...
  7. Raw food Diet help

    Dog Food Forum
    I'm doing research to begin the transition to a raw food (prey model, barf...etc) diet for my 9 month old goldendoodle Reuben. Could anyone recommend some good reading? He's a healthy pup, but we got to thinking about it the other day & basically we just want to do what is healthiest for him...