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  1. Dog Training Forum
    I've looked at Amazon, Chuck It's site, etc. and I'm not finding a good consensus on what size ball to use for my 18 pounder. Apparently the balls are 2" for the small and 2.5" for the medium. I'd really prefer to get the medium because I'm on a budget and I understand you can use regular tennis...
  2. Dog Pictures Forum
    Not completely sure on her breed but I think maybe Pit Bull and Border Collie mix. Here is a pic of her at 3 months Now she is about 5 months(I did some touch up edits on some of these photos)
  3. Dog Training Forum
    Hi, all. This is my first post here. My wife and I adopted a 2-year-old lab/pit mix almost a year ago. He has been great - very obedient, smart, and already with a lot of training in the basics. One thing we cannot get him to do, however, is bring a ball / toy back to us when we play fetch. He...
  4. General Dog Forum
    Hello fellow dog lovers. My dog Phoebe is a rescued (at 5 months) lab/border collie mix. She's 11 months now. She gets TONS of exercise, no issues with aggression, possession etc... We put alot of work into training her. I've done a ton of research and applied it religiously, and we've been...
  5. General Dog Forum
    Removed by user.
  6. Dog Training Forum
    We have a 16 month old rescue dog that is a pitbull mix. He is incredibly obsessed with balls and sticks. more interested in a ball or a stick than food. up until a month or two ago it wasn't a big deal. annoying at times.... but not problematic. however a couple months ago he has started...
1-6 of 6 Results