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bad breath

  1. Clean teeth, but bad breath.

    Dog Health Questions
    So, Willow's been here for approximately 6 months now. She's a young dog, probably under 2 -- and her teeth have virtually no tartar -- but her breath is terrible. She and Sox get a RMB once or twice per week, and there are always antlers lying around. Sox is 8 years old and has some very slight...
  2. Surprising culprit for Horrible Breath!

    Dog Health Questions
    I spent a year (multiple vets, and countless dollars) trying to figure out how to solve my 3yo golden's HORRIBLE ROTTEN breath! After ruling out: teeth, gums, diet, kidneys, liver, digestive, foreign bodies, and ear infection what else could it be? I was going CRAZY! The Culprit?.....Lip...