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  1. Mystery illness (autoimmune?) 8-year-old black lab/border collie

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello. Hoping someone out there may be able to shed light on Loki's illness that is now going on 2 months with no clear diagnosis by mutiple vets: He's been sick since Christmas time. It started with some limping and eye cloudiness but within a few weeks of noticing individual symptoms, he...
  2. Bright pink lesion in nose, possible dioagnosis and treatments

    Dog Health Questions
    A few months ago, my mixed breed dog, Vilya, developed a small lesion on the top of her nose. Basically it was a a pink spot that would first look as if she had scraped her nose (there would be redness of blood but no actual bleeding), then it would scab over and heal, only to start the cycle...
  3. Pemphigus

    Dog Health Questions
    My 4 year old husky/shepherd/collie mix has recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called pemphigus. It's a skin condition that affects the bridge of his nose, nostrils, the skin around his eyes and his ears. The skin in these areas forms a crust that is white to yellowish/green in...
  4. Please help! Dog has been diagnosed with IMHA.

    General Dog Forum
    I am new to the forum and I am looking for someone who knows or who has been through a dog with IMHA. Please no judgement I am not on here to be judged I am on here for help. It all started 4 weeks ago 8/12 when my naturally lazy dog 3 yr old male neutered pitbull became a little more lazy...
  5. Aussie with Lupus/Pemphigus/Maybe something else?

    Dog Health Questions
    First of all, hello! This seems to be a really informative place so I'm hoping to get some insight on my dog's health issues! I have a 3 (almost 4) year old Australian Shepherd who has been kind of diagnosed with lupus or pemphigus. About 4 months ago, she started getting crusties on her nose...