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austrial shepard

  1. Hello

    Attention All New Members
    Hi All!! I'm here for advice on Aussie's and Aussie puppies. I recently adopted a female Australian Shepherd puppy. She is almost 4 weeks old. I hope to gain knowledge on here! Thank you!
  2. Help with Aussies aggressive behavior

    Attention All New Members
    I tried to post this elsewhere, but this seems to be the only forum I can post in. A month and a half ago we took in a friends 8 month old Australian Shepard. Her previous owners didn't have the time or patience for a dog and honestly never should have gotten her. She is very sweet to us...
  3. Can anybody tell me what kind of puppy this is?

    General Dog Forum
    Found him running in the street yesterday. I was thinking he was a Aus Shepard but I'm thinking he's probably a toy judging by the size of his head and paws. Anybody have any idea? Thanks! *not looking for the owner because when I followed another stray dog that was loose with this one, I was...