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  1. Need help developing focus and motivation for difficult McNab

    Dog Training Forum
    TLDR: treats don't work, strong environmental focus, play is inconsistent motivator, starting over training from scratch. I've had boots for about 9 months now. I got her as a puppy who had been more or less locked in a horse trailer for 6 months. She's a very sweet and somewhat worried McNab...
  2. How do I get her attention?

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello! So my JaSlyn is finally done with her shots, yay! I'm ready to start socializing her and such. I want to get some basic obedience in as well. I've owned a lot of larger dogs (rotties, chow chows, etc) and though they had "puppy spunk" you put any type of food in front of them and I had...
  3. Puppy follows us EVERYWHERE

    Dog Training Forum
    Removed this because of personal things...
  4. Rescued BullDog Troubles

    Dog Training Forum
    Ive recently Taken in two adult bulldogs. The conditions they were living made me soo sad I offered to give them something better as a Temporary solution. The owner has had them since pups and wants to breed them. ( neither are spayed or neutered ) He is currently working ten hour days and was...
  5. My pup won't pay attention to me at a dog park

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a german shepherd x labrador retriever mix (DANTE) pup who will turn 1 in a few days. He was a shelter rescue. The first two weeks, he was a shy and afraid guy. I spent lots of time with him, and took him around to dog parks and friends houses to meet other people and dogs. He would...
  6. Attention Command

    Dog Training Forum
    We've been busy training our 4 month old shepherd mix and she's been doing great (aside from frequent mouthing 'tantrums'). However when we take her to her puppy obedience classes she is the worst dog there - mainly because it is IMPOSSIBLE to get her to pay any attention to us with all of the...
  7. General puppy questions

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi :) We have a 3 1/2 month old pup. BTW, by my avatar which is a pic of "Buddy", what breed do you think he might be? Maybe a spaniel? 1. He is itching all the time. We took him to a groomer and she said he does not have fleas. The vet told us to treat him for fleas anyway, which we have...
  8. What to do -- dog is growling for food and attention.

    Dog Training Forum
    We just adopted a 2-year-old Beagle/Corgi cross last week. Most of the time he's very sweet but lately his regular dog whining have occasionally become growls. I don't believe the growls are meant in an aggressive way, he only seems to growl when: a) He wants attention. For example, I was...