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  1. How Do I Become a Veterinarian?

    Dog Health Questions
    If you've ever wanted to be a veterinarian or have wondered what it takes to become one in the U.S., here's there lowdown: http://blog.vetknows.com/post/90158046258/ask-a-vet-free-weekly-tips-about-your-pet-tip-6
  2. Hypothyroidism and Nerve Damage in Dogs

    If your dog has nerve disease, have your veterinarian consider hypothyroidism as the underlying cause. This article helps to explain why the two are sometimes related: http://blog.vetknows.com/post/89751558893/hypthyroidism-and-neurological-disease
  3. Heartburn in Dogs and Cats

    Dog Health Questions
    Is your dog or cat not eating well? It could be heartburn! Click here for more information.
  4. Knee Surgery May Cause Cancer in Dogs

    Dog Health Questions
    If your dog has had knee surgery, or you are considering it, please read this article: http://blog.vetknows.com/post/88956406928/ask-a-vet-free-weekly-tips-about-your-pet-tip-3
  5. Ask a vet FREE online! Details inside.

    Dear Pet Parent, I think we can agree on something: You love your pet. Veterinary advice can be expensive. There’s lots of questionable information online about your pet’s unique problem. That’s why we’ve created VetKnows.com, where you can ask a vet anything about your beloved pet for as...