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  1. Some dog art I made

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Just want to show some digital dog art I made. The cute fur baby isn't mine though.
  2. Drawings of pets-share yours!

    General Dog Forum
    Hello everyone! I'm quite new to the forums, so firstly I would like to say that this place is awesome, i've been monitoring it for a while but I just decided to join now :wave: I also thought that I would share a photo that I drew for a couple who commissioned it :) Her name is Lucy, and...
  3. Let Me Draw Your Dogs?

    Off Topic
    TEMPORARILY "CLOSED" : finishing up the ones posted, will take more submissions soon! :) Hello all, I am a game art student in college (still a pretty big newbie). For the most part I make 3d models or draw crazy things like fantasy concept art, but I enjoy doing digital paintings from...
  4. Thought I would post some of my art (basset hound portrait)

    General Dog Forum
    I haven't posted this on here yet, but I would like feedback on this one piece. I'm hoping it's ok for me to post this stuff on here. I really like it but I'm not sure if I got the coloring right. My Mom (who is a very fair critic) said that it was too light. We've never owned a Basset so I was...