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  1. Inner city apartment dog? Any thoughts? Suggestions please?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi lovely people! Happy New Year!!! I've been wanting to get a dog for the longest time, but I've been pushing it back until I know I could financially, physically and emotionally commit to getting a dog. I work regular 9-5, with about 90 minutes worth of commuting, away from home about 10-11...
  2. need help potty training 4 month puppy

    Dog Training Forum
    My boyfriend and I recently got a 4 month old puppy. we are both 20 year old college students with jobs, but we felt we couldnt pass the little guy up. he is perfect in everyway for us... except the potty training. the previous owner said he was trained to use the potty pads, so I put some down...
  3. Words of wisdom needed!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi everyone, I hope that everyone and their pets are good. I am a first time doggie owner. Feya is a French Bulldog and is just over 4 months old now. We only got her a month ago. I have a few questions that I hope some experienced frenchie owners could shed a light on and I thank you in...
  4. Hi there

    Attention All New Members
    Hi! I just joined the community and wanted to introduce myself. I'm a 30 year old graphic designer and animal lover. I live with my 6 month old female puppy named Lua in a very very small apartment. And so far so good. I'm full of questions, but if I can answer any of yours I'll be glad to help.
  5. Things to consider?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi! I've always grown up around animals and have had many different dogs, but now that I'm living on my own, I'm thinking about getting my very own first dog. I hear so many sad stories about people who buy dogs and then give them away because of some conflict they didn't think about. I've been...
  6. Breed suggestions? Don't want to annoy the neighbors.

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi all! I am a full-time grad student, and want to get a dog now while I still have the flexibility of doing my work at home. I am not a first time dog owner, however I am in a (medium-sized) apartment now. I am looking for a medium sized dog, one that is fairly quiet (or can be trained to be)...
  7. How to a paper training problem.

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi there, I just got my puppy a week ago. According to the breeder she was paper trained. Once she got used to our apartment and saw where the pee pads and paper spots were, she got used to only peeing in one of those two spots. However, she seems to have a new favourite spot and pees in one...
  8. Best Apartment Dogs

    General Dog Forum
    Hello Everyone, I'm brand new on here! I am hoping to be moving to a new apartment soon with my fiance that allows dogs. The one we are at now does not. We absolutely love dogs.. seeing dogs is pretty much therapeutic for us. We have dogs back home living with our parents and we miss them soo...