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  1. Grain like or gritty stool

    Dog Health Questions
    My female 7 month old has been taking cephalexcin for an infection from after her spay. I noticed that her stool has been looking like tiny grains or grits. They aren't white or a different color but it's throughout the stool. It also kind of looks like foam. I'm wondering if this is a side...
  2. Puppy Vaccination and Antibiotics

    Dog Health Questions
    I just read the "Vaccines" sticky thread and thought it was very interesting and had more information than I have seen elsewhere in my google searches but I can't find an answer to a question I have about vaccinations and antibiotics. I now understand that puppies are not supposed to receive a...
  3. Dog with a UTI - prescribed Cipro - I have concerns

    Dog Health Questions
    Our 2 year old Pit Bull/Newfoundland mix was diagnosed today with a UTI. Last night he was very uncomfortable and needed to go out over and over. He also peed inside which he hasn't done since he was very young. I also noted that at the end of the stream he was peeing blood. I collected his...
  4. Can antibiotics (namely Metronidazole and Baytril) make a dog worse?

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a 17 y.o. Pomeranian who means the world to me. Until this last year, she has been fairly healthy. Then she got a gallbladder issue (which according to the vets I currently have I still don't completely understand - and which is why after 17 years I'm changing vets and probably trying a...
  5. Dog Still Sneezing After Taking Antibiotics

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello! --Sorry this is so long, I just want to include all the details! I have a seven year old miniature dachshund named Cosby. He is fully vaccinated. About a year ago he started sneezing frequently and coughing. I took him to a new vet (I had recently moved). The vet diagnosed it as an...
  6. Advice needed on recurring UTI's w/ struvite crystals

    Dog Health Questions
    We have a 7 month old German Short-Haired Pointer who has 2 episodes of UTI- blood, bacteria and struvite crystals found in his urine when it was tested. He was treated with antibiotics the first time, however was not on them long enough, given a second dose on a different antibiotic and was...