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animal cruelty

  1. BLINDED PUPPY at the per groomers

    Attention All New Members
    Dear All, I am shocked and speechless... Sent my georges 7mths old puppy for a hair cut and the groomer called me that her eye popped... I ended up in the vet clinic. My puppy had a surgery however may remind blind... Pet groomer is not able to tell me how this has happened. I strongly...
  2. I am trying to get custody of my dog. what are my chances and what is the best route?

    General Dog Forum
    My girlfriend and I are in the midst of a bad break up. I'm not giving her enough affection, I'm not spending all my time with her.. Blah, blah, blah. I'm 19, she's 25. We've lived together now for the past 10 months. We have a 11 month old puppy together. She paid $45.00 for the puppy on...
  3. Let's get the truth out

    General Dog Forum
    Have any of you read this yet? by Stephanie Feldstein August 26, 2010 08:00 AM (PT) Pit Bull Hero of the Week Despite many of the changing attitudes toward pit bulls, they still take a beating in the headlines. Whether they're actually involved in an "attack," or the reporter can just...
  4. Harsher Penalties for Animal Cruelty!!

    General Dog Forum
    *Warning* The following can be quite distressing. -------------------------------------------------------- Hi everyone. I'm trying to get signatures for a Petition of a Recent case about a Crime committed by 2 men who tortured and mutilated a 7 month old puppy called Peanut (Peanut was stolen...
  5. Please help us we need your support

    General Dog Forum
    Latest animal cruelty case exposes bureaucratic flaws vindy.com Published:Sunday, November 2, 2008 As residents of the Mahoning Valley were trying to understand how an individual in the business of caring for dogs could allow seven to die of starvation and 12 to barely survive, officials...