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  1. Obese Senior Dog.. Terrible Teeth. Advice Please.

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello friends, it's been awhile. In less than a week we will be bringing a 10 year old dog into the house. I dog-sat her for two weeks last summer and fell head-over-heels in love with her. When I found out they no longer wanted her, I jumped on the chance to give her a new home. ANYways...
  2. Watch AVMA Video on Why Blood Tests Are Needed

    Dog Health Questions
    Watch this great video from the American Veterinary Medical Association on why blood tests are needed: bit.ly/123Wbsc
  3. Safe for my dog to go under anesthesia for dental work with his liver problems?

    Dog Health Questions
    I took my dog to the vet last week and did some blood work. The vet told me he has a really high liver enzyme count. Its suppose to be around 103 range, and my dogs number was 1,660 ! It is also obvious that my dog has severe dental problems and that he needs to get it fixed. We scheduled his...
  4. anesthesia

    Dog Health Questions
    My Pepper has a double tooth. The vet recently confirmed that it is not a baby tooth, but that she has two adult teeth. She has already been spayed and has no reason other than possibly a teeth cleaning to be "put under". Her teeth have been brushed since then and look a little better. But...