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anal glands

  1. My Dog's Anal glands are inflamed, Doctor tells us, he may need surgery. Looking for advice

    Dog Health Questions
    As of recent, my dog, Ali (13) has been making a mess lately (we assume it's blood) whenever he sits down and scratches himself. So me and my dad decided to take him to the vet to get examined and after his examination, the doctor told us that Ali may have tumors and could require surgery. He...
  2. Dog expressing anal glands on my bed - but not on my mom's bed

    General Dog Forum
    Hello; For several years, I was allowing our young dog (boxer, pit bull, shepherd mix) to sleep with me. He would usually lie at the foot of the bed. I was also allowing him on my bed at other times when I was in the room - but never alone. I was having problems with the dog expressing his anal...
  3. Need urgent help identifying anal glands

    Dog Health Questions
    I just expressed my dogs anal glands, which had not been done in over a decade. What came out was a long, thin, gray-brown noodle. I think the fluid dried up into a pasty substance. I assume he had impacted anal glands?
  4. What IS this?

    Dog Health Questions
    My poor girl has been so sickly all month long, and my vets just cannot seem to figure it out. I really need some thoughts on this situation. ): She's a miniature poodle, 6 years old. Three times since early August, she's had to have her anal glands expressed at the vets. They were impacted...
  5. Hi I am Lisa from CA with a Minature Schnauzer and a Border Collie

    Attention All New Members
    I just found this site as I am frantic about my schnauzer that seems to have to have her anal glands expressed every two weeks. I think it has to do with diet and her needing more fiber??? I was also told her glands are down below at 4 30 and 5 30 which is a problem. Any suggestions i would...
  6. anal glands squirting fluid when my dog was suddenly startled

    Dog Health Questions
    i have a 1yr old blue heeler mix. she was very startled when my bf came in while she was asleep. she jumped up and was barking like a mean dog but when he moved towards her she was so startled she literally did back flip off bed luckily w out breaking a leg, but her anal glands squirted out on...
  7. Anal gland issues solved by food change?

    Dog Food Forum
    Sometimes my dog seems to release her anal glands for no apparent reason, and it can be quite often. I've been told that changing her food can help solve this problem better than having the vet release them repeatedly. Anyone have any success doing this? Or even heard that it might help? If so...