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  1. Don’t know what to do! Please help!!!!

    Dog Training Forum
    So the way my parents have it set up for our dog is that he’s allowed to go all over back yard and sleep inside but in one spot which is right in front of doggie door once he enters inside the house from it. My dog is 8 years old and is American staffordshire terrier breed. Lately he’s been...
  2. Counter conditioning with Goalie, the AmStaff-X

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Ohai ya'll. I said I would come back with some more pics, so here they are :D She's still a work in progress, but we're working on it, and she's whip smart so it's pretty easy :) "GIMME MEEEEEAT" -- This is also how I look during training sessions with her lol. I wear the leash around my...
  3. Meeko & Gott Gott

    Dog Pictures Forum
    This is a thread I intend to keep updated pretty regularly, dedicated to my foster dog Gotty, and my own dog, Meeko, who came home New Year's Eve :) Gotty is very leash reactive towards dogs, so it took several days to properly introduce her and Meeko. We still have to keep an eye on them when...
  4. Slow intros with my new rescue dog and our current foster

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi guys, so I wanted to start this thread to keep track of how the intros are going. If you haven't read my posts before, I am currently fostering a very dog reactive AmStaff. We believe it is fear based because her previous foster home had a pack of dogs, and she got attacked there (and on the...
  5. Introducing myself, and several questions~

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi everyone, My name is Shae and I live in Montreal QC. I've had animals all my life, and recently I have decided to adopt a 1 year old male pom who was seized from a puppy mill (if you guys are not familiar with Quebec, we are unfortunately the province with the loosest animal...
  6. Monmouth County Dog Show pictures [image heavy]

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Hello everyone :] Yesterday, I went the Monmouth Dog show in Freehold, NJ. A co-worker of mine was there showing her dog so I went there with my boss to cheer her on as well as see all the other dogs compete :]. I had a lot of fun seeing how this was the first dog show I have ever been to. It...
  7. On Pitbulls

    General Dog Forum
    Having read somewhere on this forum that good pitbull breeders are hard to find, out of sheer curiousity I figured I'd google search pitbull breeders. I'm presuming the bigshot, badguy image is what is played on whenever advertising a pitbull breeder but the images on this website seem to be...
  8. Greeting's to the forum from Gallant Amstafs

    Attention All New Members
    I am a thirty year amstaff owner/enthusiast. Some pics of my dogs can be seen at following website http://www.webspawner.com/users/gallantkennels/