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  1. Foot infection leads to AMPUTATION??

    Dog Health Questions
    Help! Long story as short as possible.,. My dog had a small cut on his foot from laying on the tile floor he liked cause it was cool. He is 12yr old pit mix with cushings disease. After i noticed the cut... his foot had swollen up and I took him to the vet. He went every day for 2wks for them to...
  2. Dog not urinating after amputation

    Dog Health Questions
    My dog Freddie, a Jack Russell Terrerier, had a cancerous tumor on his left hind leg right by the knee joint. Because of the size of it they couldn't go in and remove it and still get the margin they need and close it up, there wasn't enough skin, cuz he's a small dog. We opted to have the leg...
  3. Paws to Consider

    General Dog Forum
    I hear a lot about dogs, cancer and limb amputation at work each day, which motivated me to write this: The sun is out, and you are planning to spend a few of your vacation days getting some work done in the yard. Great! Now, go get your weed killers, your pesticides and other yard chemicals…...