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american pitbull terrier

  1. Pitbull drawings

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Just random pit bull drawings. I love the breed :)
  2. Help me choose no pull harness for american staffy

    General Dog Forum
    Hi, I have recently adopted a 3yo male American staffy. I have never had a dog this big or this strong (i have 3 other dogs, all small under 10kg) so naturally I don't have much experience with hard pulling dogs. My staffy will stop and sit whenever i command him to do so, but still constantly...
  3. On Pitbulls

    General Dog Forum
    Having read somewhere on this forum that good pitbull breeders are hard to find, out of sheer curiousity I figured I'd google search pitbull breeders. I'm presuming the bigshot, badguy image is what is played on whenever advertising a pitbull breeder but the images on this website seem to be...