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american akita

  1. Dogs in Cemeteries

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    I looked for a Thread w/ this topic and really couldn't find one so..... sorry for the long lead in! In the warmer months we hike w/ our American Akita 'Dru' and take Butterfly and Insect photographs. This usually comes down to her walking/hiking w/ Dru and me stopping to get shots and catching...
  2. American and Japanese Akita

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    They are considered one breed in the US, but pretty much everywhere else they aren't. I came across this picture that, to me, summed up just how different they are in their built. Source American Akita on the left, Japanese Akita on the right. I was wondering though, why are they...
  3. Dru 6 months after Adoption

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    Haven't posted any shots of Dru, our American Akita in a few months. Here he is at 21 months and 100 pounds. He's 'guarding' the Holiday Ornaments. We have had some adventures for sure. Having raised a Shar-pei we 'thought' we knew possessive dogs. His Separation Anxiety is lessening. We can...