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  1. Sudden change in behavior in rescue

    Dog Training Forum
    Three dogs. Female chow chow cocker spaniel is calm and likes to be left alone. Gunner, 2 1/2 year old male mutt rescue, had him for 2 years, always wanted to play with female and she started getting irritated, decided a playmate would be perfect for him. Almost 2 year old male mutt rescued mid...
  2. 1/2 Alpha Dog - adopted from shelter?

    Dog Training Forum
    So, I have a question about behavior of our female, 2 y.o. American Bulldog "Joy". We adopted her over 4 weeks ago, she was found abandoned near shelter with many little wounds, she was also REALLY scared of men even when they were 5 meters away from her (still scared of unknown, older men). She...
  3. Resource Guarding

    Dog Training Forum
    Okay, so Perkins has always been a bit stingy but now he's resource guarding. I know some of the way to handle it, such as using the NILIF program, but I want all the specifics so I don't make anything worse. He has been guarding pretty much everything. Me, the couch, the bed, toys, food...