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  1. Dog Sports/Show Forum
    Im looking to compete in FCAT with my purebred beagle. But I saw that he cannot be registered with AKC because his parents do not have registration. I would have to register him under PAL, but this requires him to be neutered. I do not want to neuter him because I hope to breed him in the...
  2. Dog Sports/Show Forum
    I'm looking for sculptures by Denis Springer. I understand that he was known in the North American dog show circuit, he sculpted in bronze and pewter, and many of his pieces were given as dog show prizes, so I am trying to find the eyes of people who were active in the circuit when he was, or...
  3. First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello Everyone :wave: I'll be getting a new puppy in a couple of weeks and I was wondering, apart from shows/competitions, what is the purpose for registering a purebred puppy with AKC? I'm buying him as pet quality, but I was wondering if there were any benefits to registering a new pup? Thanks!
  4. General Dog Forum
    I purchased a gorgeous little 11 week old shiba inu puppy from an Amish man in northern Ohio about a week ago. He gave us an ACA registration paper with his signature on it. I was reading this thread (AKC vs. ACA) about ACA vs AKC...would it be worth registering him with the ACA or is it as...
  5. General Dog Forum
    I purchased a Wheaten Terrier puppy this past September that I purchased from a breeder. I thought I did my homework by getting updated pictures of the dog as well as information on his parents (AKC IDs and pictures). I even spoke to the breeder several times on the phone. Long story short when...
  6. First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I have a miniature schnauzer, her name is Effie. I need help with an AKC name, I want it to be classy not corny. It doesn't need to include her name and she didn't come from a "kennel" just a friend who had two AKC registered schnauzers that had a litter. I don't really want it to be a play on...
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hello, my name is Nic i live in Little Rock with my 2 dogs. Mia is an AKC Boxer female and Koda is an AKC Boston Terrier male. I am trying to begin conformation showing and would really appreciate any advice that anyone would have for me. I have been going to dog shows since I was 6 years old...
  8. General Dog Forum
    I recently purchased a boxer puppy. The web ad read AKC reg boxer puppies. In my first contact email, I specifically asked, full AKC reg? She repied yes full registration. Ok, picked the pup up she said she hadn't received his papers yet, she will mail them. Ok, no big deal. Dog home for two...
  9. Dog Sports/Show Forum
    I got a westie puppy a few months back and he is registered with the AKC. I have been training him and he is doing quite well and i think he is ready for a show. The problem is that there is a UKC conformation show next weekend and i was wondering if he could enter or does he have to be UKC...
  10. Dog Sports/Show Forum
    Here are some ideas that are percolating in various committees at the moment (via an AKC delegate in one of the mailing lists I'm on): 1-- 4-6 month puppy competition before the classes start 2-- Owner-handler competition 3-- Reserve Best in Show 4-- Puppy and adult dog bred-by exhibitor...
  11. General Dog Forum
    i have a yellow lab puppy reserved with a great breeder to be born in January of next year. I know its crazy, but I am already thinking of AKC names. Her name is going to be Gold. Any good AKC names? thanks!
  12. First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I just purchased a beautiful little beagle puppy. She is registered through the UKC, I am just wondering what the difference between UKC and AKC are. I knew that I did not want her to be APRI, but I don't know the difference between these two. :)
1-12 of 13 Results