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aggressive dog behavior

  1. Rescue may not be the right fit for me

    Dog Rescue Forum
    So, I qualify for an emotional support animal (esa) on my college campus and I've decided to adopt since getting a puppy would be a time commitment I can't fully make(I have time for daily walks and regular training sessions, but not housetraining or socialization). My esa wouldn't need any...
  2. Considering Prozac for fear-aggression in my rescue dog... thoughts?

    Dog Training Forum
    We rescued our 2 year old boxer from a shelter about 6 months ago and have been dealing with fear based aggression towards people and dogs. She goes nuts on the leash when we encounter other dogs (jumping, whining, pawing at the Gentle Leader we use, biting the leash, etc), but what's worse is...
  3. Aggressive Behavior in 20 month-old Basenji/Shepard Mix

    General Dog Forum
    Yesterday, my dog snapped at a dog who was in our house as our roommate was dog-sitting. Arnie (my dog) is likely familiar with this dog (Coco) as Coco's owner dog-sat Arnie about 6months ago (at Coco's house) and reported that Arnie behaved fine and the two of them played. My wife and I...
  4. New puppy, bad idea

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    For 2 years now I have had the joy of sharing my home with English Bulldog and a Pekingese. I have raised both of them since 7-weeks-old and got them a month apart from one another. They grew up together in my house with my fiance and I. They both just turned 2 (EB in Jan and Peke in March). I...
  5. 1 1/2 yr old Male Chessie growling

    General Dog Forum
    Hi...I have come to this site in hopes of getting some help with my families' male chessie who is 17 months old. His name is Cane...and weighs about 110 pounds! We got him when he was 8 weeks old and he has adapted very well with our family. We have 2 sons- one is 5 and the other 2. He has never...