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aggression toward owner

  1. Behavior: is my puppy just a puppy or is she psychotic? Blue Heeler ACD

    General Dog Forum
    Hey Folks, We have had Bloo, our ACD/Blue Heeler puppy since she was 5 weeks old. I hear that's a bit early to be separated from mama and litter and I assure you we didn't know until she was home already. She seems to be overly aggressive to everyone in the house - maybe that's just a puppy...
  2. Fear-Aggression new dog help

    Dog Training Forum
    My husband and I just recently got a corgi, he just turned 2. We also currently own an 8 year old american-staffordshire terrier. Our corgi took really quickly to my husband and gets along with our current dog just fine. He is fine when my husband puts his leash on or off him, he goes straight...
  3. foster dog growling...help

    Dog Rescue Forum
    I am fostering an 8yr old cocker spainel. He was neglected covered in mats. He is now shaved, he also had an eye removed, a tumor near his butt and was neutered. He still has stitches where is eye was an he wears the cone of shame until tuesday. He is a happy sweet hyper boy. Loves to give...
  4. Help! 15 week old puppy growls and bites when being picked up!

    Dog Training Forum
    My boyfriend and I just bought a beabull puppy. We have had him for 4 weeks. The first week we had him he let us pick him up all the time. Out of know where he became Jekyll and Hyde! He would snarl and try to bite us. He seemed vicious to me and I wanted to nip this in the bud. My vet...
  5. My 8-month old puppy just bit me hard. What to do?!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    We adopted a puppy, Chuy, about three months ago and he is generally a very sweet, albeit very shy little dog (we think he's a Cairn and Shih tzu or Lhasa apso mix) Tonight, I was sitting with him on the bed so that he was lying on his back and I noticed that he had quite a bit of accumulation...
  6. He attacked me again!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Just recently adopted a stray dog, non-neutered male, supposedly 3 years old, supposedly border collie. Everyone in the neighbourhood says he never attacked anyone before, he used to be a smart, gentle dog. But since the adoption his behaviour has become assertive. He did attempt to attack a few...