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aggression toward dogs

  1. Young female Rottie Lab Cross dislikes other dogs suddenly.

    Dog Training Forum
    Can anyone help me? Our 18 month old female Lab/Rottweiler cross is suddenly aggressive to other dogs. She has regular walks at the dog park where she (used to) love playing with other dogs her size, but has always reacted badly to little fluffy ones. And just tonight she’s escalated to snapping...
  2. Hello! I want to ask for your advice!

    Attention All New Members
    I have this male and two female dogs (they are all spayed/neutered). They are all from a shelter and this shelter-dogs-adoption of mine started a year ago with one of those females (Laika) when she was a pup. A year later I adopted another two dogs (female-Sissi; male-Marlow, who is from the...
  3. Am I Over-Reacting?

    General Dog Forum
    A while back I posted about a couple of things that happened with my neighbors' dogs. Rather than write it all out again, I'll paste it in here: "Shortly after I posted my original question I took Naima out for a walk and ran into my neighbors who rescue Shepherds. I seriously admire that they...
  4. Aggression from beagle

    Dog Training Forum
    I know, sounds crazy right?! Well heres the story and hopefully someone can offer some advice! We got Elvin in 2010, Opie in 2011. They were perfectly fine around each other. No issues at all, ever. We lived in apartments. We took them on walks. We took them to the dog park. They slept...
  5. was in dog fight yesterday (attacked); now aggressive with other dogs on leash

    Dog Training Forum
    So it was totally my fault. Enzo is very protective of me, his treats, and his toys. He and a larger dog were getting along fine, until I pet the other dog. Enzo started barking and wouldn't stop, and as I was trying to put him on a leash to get him out, the other dog attacked him. He was fine...
  6. Strange sudden behavior change

    Attention All New Members
    Our 7ish year old female rescue beagle has started to show some strange behavior toward our other two dogs including aggression, dominance, and obsessiveness. This happened literally overnight. She is a rescue from a puppy mill that we have had for about a year and a half. Our other two dogs are...
  7. My dog has become aggressive VERY towards my other dog.

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a 2.5 yr old 50 lb Chow/Shepard rescue (Ronin) & a 1.5 yr old 75 lb Lab/Coonhound mix (Grimm) who have been together for over a year now. Recently, Ronin has become VERY food aggressive towards Grimm. We started having to feed them separately due to fights breaking out, but even after...
  8. Do dogs learn aggression from other dogs?

    General Dog Forum
    I have the option to go camping this weekend with a friend who's dog can be aggressive towards other dogs. I'm worried my 8 1/2 month old puppy could learn some bad behavior. Is that possible? Right now, he's so happy go-lucky with other dogs that I don't want to jeopardize that....Thanks...
  9. The Mental Rehabilitation of my Rescue Dog (thus far)

    General Dog Forum
    Alright folks, just a heads up this is going to be a long one. I think anyone in a similar situation as I was will enjoy reading this, knowing you can work through it! Also just a disclaimer, Kiko was our first dog so if anything sounds super obvious, or dumb, to you, just know that we had had...