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aggression existing dogs

  1. HELP!!! new dog vs. old dog

    Dog Training Forum
    I recently adopted a really sweet 1 yr old lab Shepard mix male. I currently have a shepard lab female that is 4 years old. I think I introduced them wrong now they bark when ever we leave the room when this never happened before and my older dog is intolerable of the new dog which surprises me...
  2. Aggressive Alpha Dog - Attacking our other dogs!

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello everyone! I am looking for help with my aggressive alpha dog. We have tried general obedience and he is a good dog when he is in a good mood. But when he gets mad he is belligerent. And because he can be so aggressive, I get a little scared of him myself. He has nipped at my face before...
  3. Aggression towards strangers and other dogs - what to do?

    Dog Training Forum
    The problem: We recently adopted a Shih Tzu mix about 10 days ago, and has accepted us as his "pack." He generally does well on the leash, but when we see/pass strangers or other dogs he goes ballistic (barking/growling/pulling away). He also barks/growls at visitors to our house - which is a...
  4. Help! Intro. of new dog, then aggression between existing?

    General Dog Forum
    Hi All, We have three dogs, one of which we got last Thursday (foster): Wini - Weimaraner (about 9-10 yr.), Daisy - Dachshund/Jack Russell mix (2 yr.), Izzy - Black Lab Terrier (5 mo., foster) Wini and Daisy have lived together for over a year and a half now. There have been no fights...