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  1. Aggressive Weimaraner

    Dog Training Forum
    Our weimaraner, KB, is about 2 years old now. I had no experience with a weim, but my husband grew up with them and decided to get himself one for my birthday from a very good breeder. We got him when he was already a bit older, maybe about 3 months, he was the last one in the litter because he...
  2. **HELP** Jack Russell / Parson Russell Owners / Trainers

    General Dog Forum
    My 5-year-old Parson Russell is a monster!! Growing up we tried to train him the best we could so that he could be around other dogs or humans without an issue, but to no avail. We had taken him to puppy training and he learned the basics (sit/stay/drop), but being around other dogs was never...
  3. My formerly perfectly fine dog is now reactive

    Dog Training Forum
    My formerly highly sociable and cheerful 2 year old chihuahua Coco has now become pretty aggresive towards people. She will growl and bark at most strangers who aproach her and try to pet her. I can tell this is fear aggression too as she will immediatly try to hide behind me when someone...
  4. Is it possible to train aggression out of a dog?

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi there, long story coming. We live in an area where it seems people drop their unwanted pets. We have found a couple cats on our doorstep, but due to allergies couldn't keep them. Then we found a black chihuahua mix. He seemed to fit in well with our family, and the kids (7 of them) had...
  5. Husky and Cairn Terrier will not get along

    Dog Training Forum
    I recently adopted a 2 yr old male siberian husky and i cant figure out a way for him and my girlfriends 3 yr old female cairn terrier to get along. They are practically in the same house all day but they have to be put in separate rooms. The cairn terrier is very aggressive towards him and...
  6. stop jackrussel dog from biting

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a 8 month old pitbull jackrussel terrier mix, and i adopted him from the pound when he was about two months. He is the sweetest towards the people he interacts with on a daily basis, but anybody new, there is always the fear of him biting someone, with no warning. He is not a mean dogs...
  7. Puppy being aggressive.

    General Dog Forum
    I have been trying everything I can think of so i decided to ask a few people who may have shared this experience. I have a 12 week old Beagle and for the first week or so after bringing him home he was very sweet and mellow , now however for the past 2 weeks or so he has been acting very...
  8. Advice for possessive aggression

    Dog Training Forum
    We have a 16 month old rescue dog that is a pitbull mix. He is incredibly obsessed with balls and sticks. more interested in a ball or a stick than food. up until a month or two ago it wasn't a big deal. annoying at times.... but not problematic. however a couple months ago he has started...
  9. Problem Introducing a new dog

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I have a 1.5 year old dog, Jake (sheppard/husky/lab/border collie cross) who has never had any issues with dogs (and he has met a lot of dogs as we frequent the dog park, and do lots of socialization) We have had dogs over to the house before and never had any issues. Today we just got a new 4...