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aggresive behaviour

  1. 1st dog is a rescue with an unknown past.

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi I adopted Harley last year from a shelter that saved her for about 3 months. They say she was about 2yo (she is 3yo now). She is a mostly submissive dog but sometimes she will growl while cuddling with me and my gf. The gf has been around for about 3 months now and loves to get pet and hugs...
  2. Aggressive 9 month old dogo argentino

    General Dog Forum
    Hello, i have a 9 month old dogo argentino, Beau. He has been sweet and gentle to people and other dogs until recently. He is suddenly very aggressive towards strangers especially all men. He snapped multiple times on the behavioral therapist. He has not bitten anyone YET, but we are now forced...
  3. Aggressive Weimaraner

    Dog Training Forum
    Our weimaraner, KB, is about 2 years old now. I had no experience with a weim, but my husband grew up with them and decided to get himself one for my birthday from a very good breeder. We got him when he was already a bit older, maybe about 3 months, he was the last one in the litter because he...
  4. Dog became semi-aggressive

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    My wife and I have had a 8 month old chihuahua that we might adopt from the Humae Society. His previous owner's kid dropped and broke his front left leg twice, causing it to be amputated. This happened when about two months again. We have had him for a week trial and loved him. He's already...
  5. My bully has become a bully

    Dog Training Forum
    I have an olde English bulldog, she had a rough beginning. Her first owners bred her at 6 months, her second owners had 4-5 other dogs, multiple kids, and other animals in a three bedroom one level apartment. My pup is the sweetest pooch ever, I have a two year who puts tiaras on her, climbs...
  6. Strange dogs

    Attention All New Members
    Hello, I need some advice on dog behaviour. I get nervous around strange dogs, and yesterday I visited a friend. While entering his back yard, I noticed he had two large dogs that sprinted to the gate and barked loudly and jumped up. Even though I know barking is natural, I wasn't sure at all...
  7. bigger dog becomes aggressive to little dog after giving him a bath.

    General Dog Forum
    My bigger dog attacked my little dog. My one and a half year old female lab mix attacked my three year old Chihuahua mix after giving him a bath. The lab mix has never shown any signs of aggression since I got her a year ago, never fought or tried to start a fight, she's the nicest dog I have...
  8. Hi all. (help needed from veterans)

    Attention All New Members
    Name is Alvin with a dog named Jackpot. Requires some veteran to help me recognise what breed of dog Jackpot belongs to.
  9. seeking advise desperatly about my pup showing aggressive/ jeallous behaviour

    Dog Training Forum
    Dear Friends, I am at loss what to do. Hope somebody can enlighten me. I have a 9 year old Rhodesian ridge back, Butch, rescue dog intact, very calm and gentle and an 8 month french bulldog named Bumpam. the little one lives inside, Butch is allowed in the house when the temperature gets too...