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  1. Any Suggestions?

    Attention All New Members
    I've owned dogs before, and absolutely love them. I am thinking about getting a new dog, I have gone to the shelter, but I'm interested in finding out what breed would be best for me. I am looking for a medium-large dog that is a strict one person dog. I want them to listen to others, granted...
  2. How can you tell if he likes what you're doing or if he's trying to calm you?

    General Dog Forum
    Hello Doggie Lovers, I have a small Bichon whom I'm starting to grow really really attached to - I daydream about her at work, and I always miss her when I'm away from home. So lately she's been wearing a cone due to a scab that formed on her neck. Given tha she can't itch her face/head/neck...
  3. is my dog dominate?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I have read a lot of books but lack the practical applications of the knowledge that I have learned, here is whats going on I took in a stray approximately 2 year old pit bull in April, when I found her I lived in the middle of nowhere and it was apparent that she had just been weened off a...
  4. What is love for a dog?

    General Dog Forum
    What is Love for a Dog? Time spent with your dog is a major signal to the dog of your commitment. Time also nurtures attachment, affection: love. Communicating patiently with your dog—kindness in your efforts to help the dog understand, and persistence in trying to understand the dog’s...