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  1. Dog Health Questions
    I use Advantage multi on my dog. Today after I applied it I realized i have one tube left. The vet's office is closed. I know it's a prescription thing but do I need to make an appointment and take my dog in to get more or can I just stop in? My dog's 11 months old and been going to the same vet...
  2. General Dog Forum
    Hey guys; so I applied Advantage II on my pupper in a few different places down her spine, as the box recommended. Most of it got on her skin, but some bled into her fur and now she has a few greasy spots. It's been a few hours and they aren't dry yet, but I want to let my puppies play! :/...
  3. Dog Grooming Forum
    Hello, My mom has two Pugs and she has used Advantage in the past on them but their skin had an adverse reaction to it. She doesn't know what to use and is asking me for advice. She's going to try garlic, but I don't know if that works. A cousin of mine uses a product called Confortis and...
1-3 of 3 Results