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  1. When to change puppy to adult food, and is it ok to feed puppy food to one-year-old?

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    Hi all, I have a couple of basic questions about transitioning dog food. I have a 10-month old English cocker spaniel who appears to be close to her full growth/height, etc., as her growth spurts seemed to have tapered off. We're also getting close to the end of her current large bag of puppy...
  2. Orijen Adult dog okay to feed to puppies?

    Dog Food Forum
    I have a 14 week Golden Retriever puppy,and I'm wondering If I can feed him Adult Orejin dog food is the fat content too much compare to the large breed puppy Orijen food Adult Orijen- Crude fat (min.) 18 % Large breed puppy Orijen-Crude fat (min.) 16 % And notice the omega-6 is 3 % in the...